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Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Chapter 1

A woman walked along the dark, wet street toward a decidedly inappropriate place for such an angelic-looking apparition. That is only if one was unaware of what she was-and thankfully, most people were quite unaware. The diminutive beauty was dressed in a stunningly simple, empire-styled gown in a color that attempted to match the sapphire luminescence of her eyes. The rounded neckline gave just a hint of the small but firm breasts beneath and the long sleeves and flowing skirt gave the appearance of propriety to a creature that was decidedly lacking in any such virtue. Kuchiki Rukia was going to Seireitei. A notorious Japanese bordello whose services were only accessible to the most affluent members of society,

Seireitei is lauded far and wide as being the most discreet establishment of its kind as well as offering services to suit each customer’s individual appetites-no matter what those may be. Most importantly, Seireitei is known for acquiring the most prime pieces of flesh on the entire continent and training them to excel at fucking. No one is allowed entrance without sponsorship from a club member and Rukia’s best friend and blood sister, Matsumoto Rangiku, is a lifelong member.

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