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Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Chapter 30

Egypt, 1350 B.C.

Inside the court of Pharaoh Akhenaton, Aizen Sosuke was well-liked. He was a foreigner-an oddity-but the royals loved the novelty of saying he belonged to them. The ruler’s most beloved wife, Nefertiti, was especially enamored of Sosuke, so the inconspicuous demon spent a great deal of time in her company…Those were good times.

After leaving the Queen one night, Sosuke heard a child screaming. Normally, he would have thought nothing of it-children were of no consequence to a thousand year old demon-but for some reason, he went to investigate.

His search led him to a ceremonial room and there, strapped to a cold slab of granite, lay a small child. She was a beautiful little thing, probably no more than two years old, with the dark skin of her ancestors, however her hair was unnaturally golden.

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Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Chapter 21

As Yoruichi struggled against Ichigo, his iron grip around her slender throat tightened convulsively. “How does it feel, bitch?” His black and yellow gaze bored into hers, “How does it feel to be at the mercy of someone stronger than you?” Her only response was to claw at his muscled arm while she fought for precious air. “How many other boys did you let him fucking destroy, hmmm? Not that it matters, you treacherous bitch, one was enough.”

Ichigo smirked at her feeble attempts as he pulled her away from the wall and brought her closer to his body. His grip slacked enough for her to drag in a ragged breath, “That’s right…breathe you sick fucking whore,” he whispered into her ear, “Breath and stay alive so that you can feel the pain.” Before she could blink, Ichigo repeatedly slammed her smaller frame into the hard floor. As he knelt next to the groaning woman, his grip on her throat slackened again. “Awww, Yorui-chan…did that hurt?” His expression full of mock concern, he caressed her rapidly bruising neck. “So fuckin sorry bout that…I haven’t really been myself lately,” he said with a smirk.

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Bleach Porn Story: Sink Into Me

Bleach Porn Story: Sink Into Me

Chapter 11

The first thing Soi Fon felt was fire, that familiar burn in her body that told her she’d been wounded. Memory rushed back as she groaned and opened her eyes blearily, only to be greeted with a cold, blue stare. Her eye snapped open as she took in the fact that she was back in her tent, she was feeling considerably better now than she had felt when she was last conscious and that Grimmjow Jeagerjacques was staring at her with an unusual expression, one so far removed from the norm that it was starting to worry her.

What the fuck?

Clearing her throat, Soi Fon croaked, “What did I miss?”

His eyes narrowed. “Funny. I was going to ask you the same thing.”

Carefully sitting up, Soi Fon winced as she stretched. “What the hell are you talking about?”

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Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Mine

Chapter 29

Aizen Sosuke was happily dining on a most succulent blood meal when he was rudely interrupted, “This had better be good, Szayel.”

“You know that red-haired ruffian from the Kuchiki clan…their second in command?” At his master’s nod, Szayel continued, “Well, he’s downstairs right now begging to see you.”

Sosuke looked contemplative and tapped a finger on his chin, “Is he now?” Having just recently replied to the missive from Kuchiki Byakuya regarding the betrothal of their children, Sosuke was curious as to why the Soudaishou would send his second. “Send him to my study and then,” He snapped the neck of the girl he was feeding from, “Clean up this mess.”

The effeminate man grimaced in distaste but bowed lowly to his lord, “Hai, Aizen-sama.”

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hot Bleach Dirty Porn Story: Mine

hot Bleach Dirty Porn Story: Mine

Chapter 33

Three sets of eyes gaped at her with varying degrees of disbelief. “A-Alive?” Rukia finally asked.

Nel’s smile faltered suddenly as she looked down at the man in question, “Just barely.” Focusing solely on Ichigo, she dropped to her knees and whispered an incantation that the other demons knew held a great deal of power.

Grimm watched as a golden glow enveloped his best friend. “The fuck is that, Nel?”

Her face became a mask of serious intent, “I’m using my kidou to examine the extent of his injuries as well as try to stop any further blood loss.”

Biting her perfectly manicured nails, Ran could keep quiet no longer, “How bad is it?”

“Very,” Nel answered succinctly without looking up, “If he’d lain here any longer, there would have been no blood left in his body.” She laughed humorlessly, “Frankly, I don’t know how he’s still alive. By all rights, he should be dead already.” She frowned and glanced quickly at the tense onlookers, “Actually, his condition is still very…precarious and there’s no guarantee that he’ll make it.”

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Bleach Porn Story: Sexy Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Sexy Mine

Chapter 31

(Pet-A Perfect Circle)

The two striking males stood tall before Rukia. They looked at each other for just a moment before Ichigo murmured, “My turn.” Grimm nodded and some silent signal must have passed between them because it was like they flipped an internal switch. Their expressions went from contemplative to molten hot in an instant. Rukia was taken aback by the change…she’d seen Ichigo like this before at Seireitei but to see them both like this? They were strong and in control-they were the masters of this domain-and they knew it. These men were the finest pleasure slaves on the continent, and tonight, they were all hers.

They were gods among men and she was meant to worship them.

That thought alone was enough to turn her insides to jelly and shake her resolve to the core. I will do the right thing. I will do the right thing. I WILL do the right thing! Rukia repeated that mantra again and again in her mind until she was sure it would stick…at least she hoped it would.

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Bleach Porn Story: Sexy doll Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Sexy doll Mine

Chapter 27

Nel convinced Rukia to play some of the card games she learned during her extended trip. The problem with that was they were all gambling games and Rukia ended up dropping quite a bit of cash. Rukia was never one to give up without a fight, though, and continued on in the hopes of winning. She never did.

“So,” Nel said after they had been playing for a couple of hours or so, “What exactly am I doing here, Ruki-chan? I know you said it’s about Ichigo but you didn’t even know we were friends, so I’m a bit confused.”

Rukia looked away uncomfortably and fidgeted in her seat a moment before answering, “Well, it was about Ichigo but I think I’ve changed my mind.”

Nel leaned forward with interest, “Changed your mind about what, exactly?”

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Bleach Porn Story: Mine – Chapter 32

Bleach Porn Story: Mine – Chapter 32

Chapter 32

For the first time in her life, Matsumoto Rangiku was at a complete loss for words. After Ichigo walked out, Rukia just shut down and the busty blonde didn’t know what to do for her. If she hadn’t just heard her speak to Ichigo, she’d be convinced that the man had permanently damaged Rukia’s windpipe. Maybe if she’d scream or curse, Ran could help her vent, but this? How could she help Rukia when she seemed so…broken.

She could smell the sex-it was all over this room-and the curiosity was slowly killing her. Rangiku could only imagine what went down here today, but she wasn’t so insensitive as to hound her friend for details when she was clearly in such pain. She may be dying to know what happened, but Ran wouldn’t say a word…not until Rukia was ready to talk about it. What she did know was that it must have been hellish indeed to make Ichigo react so violently and to make Rukia let him go.

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Bleach Porn Story: Sexy doll Mine

Bleach Porn Story: Sexy doll Mine

Chapter 26

After Ukitake took his leave, Rukia sat in the tea room for quite some time. She went back over the days’ events and analyzed each one with the mind of a brilliant tactician. Regarding her plan for Ulquiorra, everything was progressing flawlessly. This operation could not have had a more perfect beginning and Rukia was confident that the party next week would go quite well.

However, when she thought about what she was forced to do to Ichigo, her lips turned down into a frown. She didn’t like the way he’d looked during his ‘punishment’…it reminded her too much of the night she betrayed him to his sisters. She knew there was no choice-she had an image to uphold in front of Ulquiorra and that had to come first. Still, that didn’t stop the guilt that was eating away at her now. “My poor boy,” she whispered quietly. Rukia knew that she’d have to go in eventually and try to make things right, but right now she was too emotionally drained to attempt it. After about an hour in the tea room, Rukia decided she needed something stronger, grabbed the sake, and went for a walk.

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Bleach Porn Story: Mine – Chapter 28

Bleach Porn Story: Mine – Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Ichigo just continued kneeling with his eyes closed. What the hell is wrong with me? He was so ashamed of his actions and as much as it sickened him that his friends were here to witness such a loss of control, he was glad they stopped him from getting any worse. I fucking cried. I don’t cry. Ever. Now, on top of everything else, I’m turning into a weak ass pussy? Shit, how am I going to explain this away? Nel will never leave this alone…

“Ichigo,” Nel asked softly as she took the knife from his limp hand, “What happened, love?”

Ichigo’s head was bowed, eyes still closed as he tried to come up with a plausible excuse for his behavior. At the moment, however, his brain seemed to be on lockdown and was refusing to function. God, he was so embarrassed. Nel took the initiative, cupped his chin, and raised his face to her own. He knew he was out of time and opened his glassy eyes.

“I know you don’t want to talk right now but I need to know what the hell happened to you. Please, Ichigo…talk to me.”

“N-Nothing happened, Nel…Everything’s f-fine. I just…well, uhhh…it’s kind of embarrassing really. You see, I was sharpening my knife and it, uhhh, just slipped. I can’t believe I was crying…man, what a bitch, huh?”

His attempt to laugh off his injuries didn’t go over well with either of the room’s other occupants. “Ichigo, quit your stupid, pansy-ass lying!” Grimmjow was absolutely livid and Ichigo cringed at the sheer volume of his voice. “I know exactly what you did and if you don’t damn well tell me what the hell happened to cause it, I’m gonna find some way to kick your demon ass…or I’ll get my hot as fuck woman to do it for me!”

“Grimm, what the hell are you talking about?” Nel asked in exasperation.

“I’m talking about that prick cuttin his fuckin arm up!”

Nel’s eyes went wide and her head swiveled swiftly back to Ichigo, “Is this true, Ichi? Did you do this to yourself?”

He gulped nervously and his mouth opened as though he wanted to speak but nothing came out. When he did finally force the words out, they were barely a whisper, “I didn’t mean to.”

“And you’ve done this before?” A shame-filled nod was all he could manage before dropping his head once more. Knowing that Ichigo was too embarrassed to talk, she demanded, “Grimmjow, tell me what you know.”

Grimm pushed himself off the doorway and came further into the room. He seemed reluctant to answer but looking at Ichigo in such a pitiful state seemed to solidify his resolve, “It started the day after I met him. I went to his room to invite the kid down to breakfast and he was a bloody mess. When I asked him what the fuck happened, he told me that it made him feel better. I knew what he meant and I didn’t push him about it…we all gotta deal in our own ways, I guess. But, then he started getting worse and I was worried about the little dumbass. I did my best to get him to stop but nothing worked. Yoruichi noticed him going downhill and I guess decided to ‘medicate’ the kid cuz that’s when she started giving him the drugs. After that, he could deal as long as he knew he could get more. Hell, I didn’t judge him…I needed that shit too.” Grimm’s bowed his head in much the same way Ichigo had, “Sometimes I still do…you know that, Neli. Sometimes shit just gets too hard for me-and him. Anyway, it was way the hell better than this cutting bullshit.” Vulnerable Grimmjow was gone and now, pissed off Grimm reigned supreme, “What I wanna know is what in fuck’s name caused him to start doing it again and if the asshole don’t start talking soon, it’s gonna get ugly in here!”

Ichigo said nothing, only shook his head.

“I think I know,” Nel said sadly. Ichigo’s head shot up, surprise evident in his face. “Rukia told me about yesterday, Ichi.”

Ichigo’s breathing picked up and he looked away, “She did?”

“Yes, and don’t think that I let her get away with that shit. I gave her a piece of my mind.”

“It wasn’t her fault, Nel. She really didn’t do much of anything but, you know that saying about straws and camel backs?” He sighed in defeat, “I guess you know just how crazy I got last night, don’t you?”

“She never mentioned last night, but if it was anything like this…then I’m glad we’re here for you now.”

“I’m glad you guys are here, too. I’m really lucky to have two great friends. I’m just so sorry you both had to see me like that.” Ichigo finally realized he was still kneeling and pushed himself to his feet. He ran his bloody hand through his hair and grimaced when he saw the mess he made of himself and the room, “I haven’t slept much and I drank way too much so I was just really on edge. I’m much better now, though. You two can go…I’m pretty tired and the liquor is pretty much gone from my system, so I’m just gonna get a bath and go to bed.”

“The hell you are!” Nel uncharacteristically shouted, “You’re coming with us to our suite. I’ll bandage your arm and you can get your bath in there.” When he looked as though he might interrupt, Nel held up her hand, “There is no way in hell we’re leaving you alone again. You get what you need to be comfortable…you’re sleeping in there with us! That bed is huge and there is plenty of room so I don’t want to hear any excuses or complaints…are we clear?”

For some reason, ‘Bossy Nel’ was putting Ichigo back in good spirits and he was glad that she’d taken the decision away from him. He didn’t think it was a good idea for him to be alone either, so he just gave her a crooked grin and gathered up his supplies and sleeping pants. Muttering something about Ichigo being a total douche, Grimm carried his clothes so that they wouldn’t get bloody. Ichigo suppressed a smile at his thoughtful behavior. Sometimes, it was good to have best friends. Tonight was one of those nights.


Rukia and Ran arrived safely at the Kuchiki estate and Rukia was immediately ushered into a meeting with her father. He wasted no time with pleasantries.

“So, Rukia, my sources tell me that you’ve had quite an advantageous meeting with Aizen Ulquiorra. What do you have to report?”

“I believe I successfully laid the groundwork for our operation. I was able to convince him that I am interested in him and secured him as my escort for Ukitake-sama’s gathering.”

“Excellent work, Rukia, this is what I was told as well. I took it upon myself to move up the timetable on this project. I have already contacted Aizen Sosuke regarding a possible match between you and Ulquiorra to which he responded affirmatively. I suggested that we mete out the details of the betrothal at next week’s event and announce your engagement that very night. Is this acceptable to you, Rukia?”

Rukia was a bit flustered by the speed with which they were moving, but she was ready to put an end to this farce and make things right with Ichigo, “Of course, father. However, I am curious as to what you mean by ‘details’ of our betrothal.”

“We are approaching this as though we are 100% committed to this union, therefore a betrothal contract will be drafted. We will be discussing each clan’s requirements regarding your dowry as well as what sort of alliance this union will afford us. We cannot afford to seem flippant or uninterested in such things as that could possibly cause them to doubt our intentions and your sincerity.”

“I see,” Rukia said quietly.

“One other thing…Your mother is aware of the situation.” Rukia looked shocked that her stoic father had actually included her in this. Byakuya actually gave a small smirk, “I know it was probably best not to, but she found out about this engagement and, quite frankly, put her foot down and was refusing to allow the match.” Rukia smiled to herself-she could just imagine her scary mother doing such a thing. “I really had no choice in the matter. She required full disclosure and I am not quite strong enough to deny her when she’s…angry,” He gave a small shiver.

Rukia wanted to laugh but nodded sagely instead, “I don’t know any demon strong enough to withstand her wrath, father. I think it’s admirable that you held out as long as you did.”

He nodded in complete agreement. “Hisana has retired for the night but I told her you would be here in the morning for breakfast. Did I presume too much?” He raised his patrician eyebrow, daring Rukia to go against him.

She quickly shook her head, “No father, I will be here. Rangiku-san accompanied me here so it will be both of us if that’s alright?”

“Of course she is welcome,” He said rather distastefully, “However, I cannot be held responsible if my darling wife rips the poor girl’s eyes out. Matsumoto-san has a very bad habit of watching me…inappropriately.” This time, Rukia couldn’t stop the snort of laughter that escaped her.

Kuchiki Byakuya, known as the Frozen Prince of the noble Kuchiki clan, winked at his daughter before retiring for the evening. She could have sworn she heard laughter as he ascended the stairs.


Neliel ordered the maids to prepare a bath behind the privacy screen for Ichigo. While he was in there, Nel and Grimm changed into the silk sleeping attire that Nel paid a fortune for while they were in China a few months ago. Grimm wore a pair of white pajama pants that hung beautifully on his lean hips and Nel changed into a golden nightgown that covered all of her generous cleavage and ended mid-thigh. It would have been modest on another woman, but her curves made it seem indecent.

When Ichigo was out of the bath, he pulled on his own sleeping pants and let Nel bandage his arm while Grimmjow watched from his vantage point on the huge bed. None of them really wanted to talk at the moment, so an easy silence fell over the room. When she finished with his arm, Nel put out the lamps and squealed before jumping on the bed, “I’m in the mid-dle!”

“Che,” Grimm sneered, “As if there was ever any doubt.”

“Oh, shut up, sleepy head and scoot over. I wanna talk to Ichi for a little while.” He grumbled but moved over.

Ichigo lay flat on his back at the edge of the bed and Nel moved until she was flush against his side. She put one arm under her pillow and the other she draped familiarly across his chest and began rubbing some of the tension from his neck. Grimmjow was on the other side of her, turned the opposite direction, content to let her talk with Ichigo. “So, it’s just us here, Ichigo. Its dark-no one’s going to hurt you and no one’s going to judge you so, are you going to talk to me?”

Ichigo sighed and rubbed his tired eyes, “I’ve been talking to you, Neli.”

“You know what I mean. You’re so messed up, baby. You need someone to really talk to and I’m here-ready and willing to listen-both of us are,” She said, nudging Grimm with her foot. He merely grunted in reply.

“I guess I just don’t know what to say. I’m fifty shades of fucked up…always have been and I guess I always will be.”

“Bullshit,” Grimm spat from his side of the bed without turning over. “Your fifty shades of fucked up because of that Kuchiki bitch.”

“Don’t fucking call her that, Grimm. This isn’t her fault…I told you that. I messed up and now I have to live with it. That’s all there is to it.”

“What do you mean, you messed up?” Nel asked.

He was silent for a few poignant seconds, “Because I fell in love with her.”

“And how, exactly, was that a mistake?”

“Because she doesn’t love me, that’s why. She says she does but then she treats me like I’m less than nothing and it rips my fucking heart out every time even though I should know better. That’s why it’s my fault…I’ve been with women who like to play that game-they like to say they love me and want me to say it back and I always played along. This time, I wasn’t playing and that’s all on me.”

“Just because she hurts you doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you, Ichigo. In fact, I’ve known Rukia a long time and I can tell you that she’s not a liar. If she said she loves you then I think she loves you. You’ve got to remember that she’s new at this too. Not once since I’ve known her has she ever shown this kind of interest in a man. One has always been just as good as another for her-they never stayed the night with her and, unless they were awesome in bed, she’d never screw the same one twice.” She laughed softly, “Hell, I actually met her at an orgy!”

Ichigo had been relaxed up to this point but hearing Rukia and orgy in the same sentence caused all his serenity to fly out the fucking window, “What the hell was she doing at a damn orgy?”

“What do you think she was doing, Ichi? She was fucking, of course…same as everyone else. More specifically, she was riding one guy and sucking off another.”

“What the fuck, Nel!” He shot straight up in the bed, “Why the hell would you tell me that shit?”

“Because, Ichigo, I want you to know how much she’s changed…for you. She’s almost a completely different person now and I don’t think you appreciate that. When we were talking earlier today, she told me that she was in love with you. That’s something she’s never said about anyone, Ichi…just you.”

Ichigo slowly sank back to the bed and turned on his side away from Nel. She moved flush against his back and threw her arm over his waist. As he thought about the things she said, Nel played with the soft hair below his belly button before it disappeared into his pants. His voice was quiet when he spoke again, “I trust you, Nel. You, Grimm, and my sisters are about the only people in this world that I don’t expect to screw me around. So, please…tell me the truth even if you think it will hurt me, okay? Do you believe her, Neli? Do you think she really loves me?”

“Well, I don’t know the inner-workings of Kuchiki Rukia’s heart, but from her words and actions…I do. I think she loves you and she’s trying to do the best she can but the girl’s flying blind. She doesn’t know what to do and that terrifies her.” She gripped him hard and pulled him even closer to her, “It’s time you start acting like the man I know you are instead of the hurt child that you were. Your past shouldn’t define who you are and it most certainly shouldn’t keep you from a bright future. You’ve got a lot more strength than even you know about and if you’ll just believe in yourself, I think you two have a chance at something very special.”

Ichigo let her words sink in a moment before he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it sweetly, “Thanks, Nel…”

She placed a soft kiss to the back of his neck in reciprocation and whispered, “You’re welcome, love.”

“Are you two about done with this mushy, heart to heart, shit? I’m ready to pass the fuck out,” Grimm complained loudly.

“Yes, you rude bastard,” Nel replied with a grin. “Now, get your sweet ass over here and warm up my back.”

“Yes, ma’am,” He said and immediately complied.

Nel moved a little bit away from Ichigo so Grimm could throw his arm around her and she sighed contentedly, “It’s so good to have my boys back.”

Everything was quiet for a few minutes until Nel spoke again, “Oh, one more thing, Ichi.”


“Did you tell Rukia about…our past?”


When they were both in residence at the Kuchiki Estate, Ran and Rukia always shared a room. This visit was no different and when Rukia went up to their usual place, Ran was already halfway through a bottle of sake and begged Rukia to join her for a nightcap. She reluctantly agreed and the two best friends started drinking and talking. Eventually, the conversation got around to Ichigo.

“So, you seem to be doing much better with your jealous crazy, Rukia. I’m so proud of you!” Ran attempted to glomp her smaller friend however Rukia was much too fast for her and ducked away.

When the voluptuous blonde finally relinquished her quest, they both settled down again, “Yeah, I feel a lot better about it too. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel it…it’s just easier to not go insane over it.”

“I totally could not believe you were letting Nel watch your man’s little strip show but then I was completely blown away when you left them all there alone.”

“Well, Ichigo told me that they were just friends, so even though I didn’t really want to, I did it. I trust Ichigo and I trust Nel, so I didn’t really have any reason not to. Besides, he hasn’t seen his friends for two years and I thought he deserved a little bit of time to catch up.”

Ran raised her brows in surprise, “He said they were just friends?”

Rukia was immediately set on high alert, “What do you mean?”

“Wha- Nothing,” Rangiku said quickly. She waved her hands in front as a placating measure.

“Bullshit! I know when you’re lying and you are definitely lying,” Rukia pointed her finger accusingly at her friend. “Tell me why the hell you asked me that!”

“Okay, okay…it really was nothing. They just…spent a lot of time together and I always just assumed that there was…more, ya know?”

“Why would you think that?” Rukia asked doggedly.

“Well, after Yoruichi finally let people get with Ichigo; he spent a lot of time with Grimm. Then, after a couple of weeks, it was always the three of them. I mean always. If Nel was there, she paid for Grimm and Ichigo.” Ran saw Rukia getting riled up and sought to calm her, “But that doesn’t mean they had sex! A lot of times, she would take them both out on the town. I would talk to her sometimes after she brought them back and she would tell me about the fights they got in and they were slightly roughed up…”

“Maybe,” Seeing something in Rangiku’s eyes that she didn’t like, Rukia questioned her further, “Did you ever see them do anything? Kissing, touching, anything?”

Ran suddenly refused to meet her eyes and coughed uncomfortably.

Matsumoto Rangiku! If you know something, you have to tell me!”

“Weeeell, there was that one time…”

“Yes? What one time?”

“Uhhh…well, you see…ummm.”

“Spit it out!”

“Okay!” She fidgeted just a bit more before finally answering, “One of those nights, after they got back from Edo, it was in the early morning hours. There wasn’t anyone in the common room except for me and a few people cleaning up-I was in there to drink and unwind after some particularly good sex.” Rukia glared. “Too much information? Okay, sorry. So Nel and ‘her boys’ as everyone called them, all came in and seemed to be in high spirits…okay, they were actually drunk. Anyhow, Grimmjow and Ichigo sat down on one of the couches, laughing and talking about their night and Nel went over to the bar and got more liquor for all of them. The boys were both a bit scuffed up-I think they had like matching cuts above their eyes or something-so I assumed they were fighting again. Grimmjow suddenly ran upstairs and came back with two jade opium pipes and a bowl. After everything was set up, they smoked every last bit of whatever the hell was in there.”

“Get on with it, Ran. I know that he used drugs…tell me the rest!”

“I am! Don’t get huffy-I was just letting you know the circumstances so that you can understand it a little better. Anyway, as I was saying, they were already drunk and then I watched them get high as fuck. The three of them were laughing and talking about nothing-just generally having a great time and then Nel climbed over and straddled Grimm. Ichigo kind of laughed and leaned back against the couch with his eyes closed. So, Nel and Grimm were making out hot and heavy and Ichi just looked like he was taking a nap. Grimm started sucking on her neck and feeling her up and Nel reached across and sort of…caressed Ichigo’s face. Ichigo still looked sleepy but he opened his eyes and smiled. He reached over and grabbed her around the waist and then pulled over to his lap.”

Ran stopped to take a deep breath and so did Rukia. Even though she was forcing her friend to tell her these things, Rukia really didn’t want to know…she just had to.

“I figured that Grimm would get pissed since Ichigo sorta cock blocked him but, he just had this huge grin on his face. Ichigo…ahhh…he started kissing her neck and rubbing up and down her arms and then…ummm…Well, he sort of draped her legs over his and spread her legs.”

Rangiku actually turned a bit pink and rushed through the next part, “Then Grimm got in front of her on his knees and started kissing her and he slipped one hand under her kimono while Ichi kept working her neck. Then, Ichigo…put his hands on her hips and he was pushing her down while he was grinding hard on her. Grimm started sucking her nipples through the material and she was really getting into. Anyway, they were both working her over pretty good; she was moaning and writhing and I though they were all gonna fuck right there on that couch…” At Rukia’s murderous glare, Ran cleared her throat and continued her story, “They didn’t, of course, but I am pretty sure she had an orgasm.”

“After that, Grimm got up and threw Nel over his shoulder and carried her up the stairs. Ichigo just sat there for a few minutes-he still looked tired as hell-before he went upstairs too. I have no idea what happened after that. I didn’t see if they all went to the same room or not, soooo…It’s very possible that they were just playing around and Ichi went to his room, alone.”

Rukia was stunned-totally and completely pissed-but stunned. If anything, she figured that Nel may have slept with Ichigo just to try it. She never imagined that the three of them…She shook her head at the thought. Surely Ichigo wouldn’t do something like that with his history and how uncomfortable he was with men.

Then she remembered the little show he and Grimmjow put on tonight. He didn’t look too uncomfortable then.

Rangiku saw her friend getting angrier, “Rukia, they were drunk and high and he was probably just playing along with Grimm…you know how guys can be sometimes.”

“Did they look awkward, Ran?”

She looked confused, “I’m not sure what you mean?”

“The way they moved, touched her, kissed her…did any of it seem the least bit awkward or did it like they knew what the fuck they were doing?”

Ran said nothing.

“Answer me!”

“No,” She said softly, “It didn’t look awkward.”

That piece of evidence was damning in Rukia’s eyes, “I am such a fool! It all makes so much sense now.” She said scathingly, “Just friends? What a fucking joke! She wanted to buy Grimm and Ichigo…did you know that? She didn’t do that because they were friends,” She spat the word angrily, “She did it so she could keep fucking both of her boys…and to think, I trusted her enough to leave them all alone…I bet she just loved that!” A look of steely determination crossed her face, “Ran, there is no way I’m staying here tonight and I need you to come with me.”

“What are you gonna do, Rukia?” Ran asked warily.

“I’m going to confront my good friend about her lies and I need you as backup…Nel can be a scary bitch when she wants to be.”


-Edo, Summer 1789, Seireitei-

A couple of weeks after Grimm introduced Nel to Ichigo, Grimm asked her to start paying for his time as well. Ichigo was quiet, sweet, and gorgeous as sin, so she really didn’t have any problem complying with his request. Their intent may have seemed lascivious to most, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Grimmjow wanted his new, young friend to get a taste of life outside of Seireitei, so that’s what they did.

Almost every time she visited Seireitei, Nel would pay Yorui and take the boys out on the town-wherever they wanted to go and whatever they wanted to do-Nel would simply pay the tab. She got so much enjoyment from watching those two play and cause mayhem that it was worth any amount of money to her. Luckily for all of them, she had a nearly limitless supply.

It had been over a year since they all started spending time together and Nel was shocked by the depth of her feelings for both of these young men. Grimmjow was magnificent. Every night out with her boys always ended in his bed and with her young, sadistic lover, she experienced the best sex of her life. Nel couldn’t ever go long without having some of her Grimm-kitty. He was her friend and her lover and she couldn’t be more satisfied with him.

Ichigo was a little different. Besides Grimm, he was the most gorgeous creature she’d ever laid eyes on, but that wasn’t all there was to him. Like Grimmjow, he was kind, intelligent, easy to talk to, and great to have at your back in a fight. Nel never tried to deny the blatant sensuality Ichigo possessed and she always felt an animalistic attraction to him, but she never acted on it. She’d been around a long time and had seen many friendships ruined by the interference of a selfish woman. She wasn’t about to come between her boys just to scratch an itch. Shihara Neliel was stronger than that. The truth was, they were the best friends she’d ever had and she was so attached to both of them that she really couldn’t imagine spending time without either one of them…so she just never did. Yoruichi knew that if Nel was coming to Seireitei, both Grimmjow and Ichigo better be available or all hell would most definitely break loose.

So, here they were again, fighting outside of some seedy establishment in defense of her honor. Nel sighed loudly. These two could be so dramatic. The man had merely commented on Nel’s rather generous bust-nothing new, really-but her boys took offense. It didn’t matter to them that the fellow had a somewhat sizeable entourage of cut-throat men…their motto was always ‘the more the merrier’ when it came to fighting.

Most people would find their violent behavior abhorrent, but Nel understood them. She knew it was a way for them to have some measure of control in their young lives, so she didn’t begrudge them their outlet. Besides, if they ever got in over their heads, Nel could always step in and finish things…she’d just have to explain how the hell she did it afterwards. Sometimes, she thought about telling them what she was, but she always decided against it. Those two had enough problems…they didn’t need to know that they were friends with a blood demon.

Speaking of being a demon, there was one serious perk to her boys’ incessant need to fight. It made her so damned horny she couldn’t walk straight. There was absolutely nothing in the universe sexier than those two fine ass men when they’re in their element. After all but two of the men had been dispatched, Nel watched as Ichigo’s opponent was able to land a solid roundhouse kick to his face.

Nel knew that move very well-Ichigo let him get a shot in to increase his own excitement. Sometimes, Nel thought Ichi was a bigger masochist than she was. The poor man actually paled when Ichigo turned to him, a flash of black and gold on his face, and smiled devilishly. Dumb fucker should have run for the hills. You see, there was another thing about Nel’s boys that many people wouldn’t find acceptable-they seemed to enjoy killing…a lot.

Ichigo punched the unfortunate man once in the throat, not hard enough to kill him, just hard enough to incapacitate him for a few minutes. The man stumbled back a few feet, gasping for air. Ichigo’s grin grew even more sadistic as he watched the man suffer, “Yo, Grimm…is this the fucker that insulted Nel?” Oh, now she understood. Uh oh. She almost felt sorry for him.

“Yeah, man…that’s the prick. Lemme finish this pansy ass mother fucker and I’ll be right over.” While he was talking, the guy Grimm was fighting pulled out a knife and did his best to gut Grimmjow. He managed to scratch his side which actually excited the blue-haired man. “Now that’s more like it!” His crazed grin stretched across his face as Grimm dove at his would-be attacker. “Cut me again, bitch!” He demanded. The man did his best, but Grimm was too fast to let that trash touch him again. He quickly commandeered his weapon and ripped it along the man’s soft belly.

Ooohhh, shit baby, that was hot. Nel couldn’t seem to help herself as she parted her kimono and started rubbing her clit. Neither of her boys saw what she was doing as they were too focused on the last man standing. She didn’t take her eyes off of them.

Grimm turned toward Ichigo’s prey who had since recovered the ability to breath, “Thanks for waiting, bro.”

“No problem. So, what do you wanna do with this little bastard?”

“I don’t know, Ichi, you pick. You’re such an evil sonuva bitch…your ideas are always so much more painful than mine are.”

“Hmmm,” Ichigo rubbed his chin, deep in thought as the poor man whimpered and tried to make a break for it. He never had a chance because Grimmjow kicked his right leg so hard that he broke the knee. The man fell screaming to the ground, pleading for his life.

Completely ignoring the miserable wretch writhing at his feet, Ichigo snapped his fingers, “Ah hah! I’ve got it. But first,” Ichigo kicked the pitiful man’s face so hard that he was spitting teeth and blood. “Hey, you, shut the fuck up…I wanna ask you a question.”

Fuck, Ichi…mmmmmm…keep it up, almost there. Nel was panting as the carnage ensued. I’ll never get tired of watching them, she thought as she slipped two fingers inside her drenched pussy.

The poor man was shivering in a puddle of his own urine, trying to keep from choking on his blood and teeth, but he managed to quiet his screams down to whimpers, “That’s better. I wanted to ask you if you had a chance, would you rape the woman you insulted?” The man looked completely confused by the abrupt question but shook his head to indicate that he wouldn’t.

“Liar,” Ichigo said softly as Grimmjow delivered a punishing kick to the man’s kidney, “So, you’re telling me if that hot bitch was walking down the street all by herself, naked as the day she was fucking born, you wouldn’t try to put your little prick in her?” The man looked absolutely terrified to answer. He didn’t know what would get him a worse punishment. “Don’t lie to me, fucker,” The orange-haired monster warned.

“I-I-I…” The unlucky bastard couldn’t form the words so he nodded yes and prepared for the worst.

Ichigo smiled and it was so beautiful that the mother fucking angels started singing. This guy was seriously fucked. Nel bit her lip at the sheer hotness of it all. “Good answer. Here, let me help you up,” Ichigo offered his hand and the dumbfounded man took it hesitantly and did his best to stand on one leg. “See, Grimm, this guy was smart enough to tell us the truth. I think we should reward him. What do you think?” The poor guy was looking in between the fierce young men, trepidation evident on his every feature.

“Yeah, man. What should we do for him?”

“Well, I was thinking…since he was so hot for Nel, we might let him get a good look at her. What do you think? I mean, I know that’s your woman so it’s totally up to you…it just seems like such an honest guy ought to be rewarded, ya know?”

Nel heard them and her curiosity was piqued. She reluctantly stopped touching herself and retied her kimono.

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes in anticipation of Ichigo’s plan. He wasn’t lying before…You wouldn’t know it by looking at or talking to him sometimes but, Ichigo could be downright fucking evil. Grimmjow knew that whatever he was going to do, it was gonna be great, “Yeah, Ichi…I hear ya. Let’s do it.” Grimm looked over to Nel sitting on a bench, “Yo, baby, could you come over here for a minute?”

Nel was horny as fuck and desperately wanted to get off, but the anticipation was half the fun so she put her arousal aside and skipped over to them, “What can I do for you?”

“Would you mind stripping for our little friend, here?” Ichigo asked. Grimmjow raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

Nel just shrugged and loosened her kimono yet again. Before she let it fall, Ichigo held up a hand, “First, I think this guy needs to lose his clothes so he can fully appreciate your beauty, Nel.” The man was frozen with fear as the two psycho teens cut the clothes from his body. Once he was naked, Ichigo nodded at Nel to continue. She smiled seductively at the street rat and slowly dropped her kimono. The unlucky one’s eyes widened and he seemed to be choking again. She wore nothing underneath and Ichigo whistled in appreciation, “Fuck, Neli…you are smoking hot.”

“Awww, you’re so sweet, Ichi.”

“Not that I don’t appreciate the view, but what’s the point of all this?” Grimm asked.

“That,” Ichigo grinned sadistically and pointed at their hapless victim’s small, but painfully hard, erection, “Is the point.” Grimmjow’s answering grin was positively manic as he stared at the man’s small member. The poor son of a bitch didn’t have a clue of what was about to happen to him.

“So, you like what you see, eh?” Grimm asked as he gripped the confiscated knife tighter in his hand. The man gulped and nodded. “Then you’ll love this. Nel, could you come over here and hold onto this gentleman’s dick?” The poor creature almost went into convulsions as the beautiful, naked goddess took him in her hand. “Thanks, babe, now hold it tight, ‘kay?” Nel nodded, giddy with the knowledge of this man’s impending doom.

This little pansy had insulted Grimm’s woman, so Ichigo thought it was only right that he be the one to mete out the punishment. Ichigo worked his way behind the gullible man and held his arms securely at his back. The man didn’t even care; he was so absorbed in Nel touching his ugly little prick…fucking pathetic.

“Since you did tell the truth to my friend here, we’re gonna cut you some slack. How does that sound?” The oblivious plebian looked up as though just now remembering he was in the company of monsters, “G-g-good…sir.”

“I’m glad,” Grimm continued, “You see, because of that, we’re not gonna kill ya…,” At his silent signal, Nel gripped the disgusting little thing so tightly that its owner cried out and tried to get away but there was no escape from Ichigo’s iron grip. “Yet. Instead, I’m gonna cut off your little, shriveled balls and make you eat ’em. Now, how does that sound?” The man started screaming as Nel moved his dick out of the way so that Grimmjow could start cutting slowly through his testicles. “Awww…sorry. Does that shit hurt? Damn, I bet it does. This knife was fuckin dull.”

Ichigo laughed out loud as Nel released his dick and his screams filled the air. After swallowing his own balls that Grimmjow stuffed down his throat-with the point of his borrowed knife, mind you-their victim still hadn’t passed out or died. He was staring straight ahead as the early manifestations of shock rippled through his useless carcass. Since the poor man was still breathing, Nel suggested that they should try to be a bit merciful. Ichigo agreed and borrowed the dull knife from Grimm and sawed through the now flaccid, flesh of his penis. The man tried to scream but his throat was so raw that the only thing he could do was whimper as tears fell down his face. Laughing at him, Ichigo shoved the offending member in the soon-to-be-dead-man’s mouth. He shrugged carelessly, “This way, the dumbfuck’ll bleed out quicker.” He flashed Nel a panty soaking smile, “See, I can be kind.”

“Ichigo,” Grimmjow said in awe, “You are one sick, twisted mother fucker.”

“Thanks, Grimm…you’re not so bad yourself.”

Nel squeezed in between her men and looped her arms through theirs, “Can we go now, children?” And so they went… It was past time for Nel to get her fuck on.


Turns out, the deadly trio never made it back to Seireitei that night. They decided to stop off at one of the public bath houses where hot spring water was readily available. They wanted clean that disgusting pig’s filth and stench from their bodies. On the way there, Ichigo decided he’d lost his buzz and since he knew a supplier nearby, he asked Nel (because she wasn’t covered in blood) to score some Eros for them-and supplies to smoke it with. Ichigo and Grimm went on to the bath house where they were to meet-up, they broke in, and proceeded to strip down to nothing.

After thoroughly scrubbing their bodies clean of the night’s debauchery, Ichigo and Grimm just sat back and enjoyed the feel of the hot spring water soothing their muscles. Since neither of them had a clue that Nel was superhuman, they didn’t expect her back for a while. She watched them for a while and when she thought sufficient time had passed, Nel made her presence known. As she set up their drugs for them at the edge of the pool, both men waded over to her.

“Did you have any problems, Neli?” Ichigo asked solicitously.

“No problems, Ichi…and you’re just too sweet for your own good, love.”

“Che,” Grimm scoffed, “I’m sure that dead fucker in the alley would disagree with you, Nel baby.”

“No he wouldn’t…he’s dead,” Nel answered flatly. Grimmjow just rolled his eyes, well-used to her humor. Nel stuck her tongue out at him as she began removing her kimono, “You don’t mind, do you Ichigo?”

He laughed quietly, “Nel, after tonight, I don’t think your nudity is an issue, do you?”

“Good point,” She said as she threw the garment to the side and slid into the water. In spite of his words, Ichigo did his best to look at anything except Neliel. She was Grimm’s woman and he did not want to piss off-and possibly lose-the first friend he ever had.

Ichigo took a long drag from his pipe and relaxed further into the pool of hot water, “This was a good day, wasn’t it guys?”

“Yeah,” Grimm said as he too, took a hit, “It was pretty perfect.”

Both of the men were feeling the effects of the drug as it meandered through their systems. As always with Eros, the first thing they noticed was their respective arousals.

After Nel got her hair wet, Grimm pulled her between his legs and began washing it for her. She purred in contentment as she rubbed her slippery body down the length of his hard-on. After her hair and body were clean, Nel turned around on Grimm’s lap. She straddled him leaving her breasts to float enticingly halfway out of the water.

When she initiated a full-on make out session right in front of him, Ichigo grew a bit uncomfortable and tried to look away, but couldn’t. He could feel his cock responding to what was happening and he felt like the worst sort of pervert.

Grimm’s head was tilted to the side as Nel repeatedly mouth-raped him. When he opened his eyes and caught his young friend staring at their spectacle, lust plastered on his face, Grimmjow grinned and winked. Ichigo looked quickly away, embarrassed to have been caught staring.

Grimmjow broke free from Nel and whispered something in her ear. She looked over and noticed how flustered Ichigo was and smiled widely. As she watched Ichigo, Grimm whispered something else in her ear that made her eyes shoot to him in complete shock. “Are you sure?” She squeaked quietly. His wicked grin was her answer. Oh. Fuck. Me.

Nel went back to the pleasurable task of kissing her man while Ichigo did his best to ignore them both.

That task became nigh on impossible.

Nel let out a loud, lusty moan when Grimm swooped down and took one dusky nipple in between his teeth. At the sound, Ichigo’s head shot to the sexy couple and he felt his dick swell painfully. Grimm started flicking her nipple back and forth with his tongue before biting down rather hard on it. Ichigo bit his lip when he saw that Grimm was also finger fucking her under the water…His hand went unconsciously to his erection.

Grimm was still sucking on her tits when he suddenly lifted her with one arm, positioned his dick with the other, and slammed her down hard. Nel’s scream filled the small room and Ichigo started to slowly stroke his throbbing cock. “Fuck, Grimm…uuhhnnn…yesss! H-Harder, baby…please, fuck me harder…” Her panting pleas were sexy as hell and Ichigo stroked himself harder in response.

Grimmjow slammed her down once more and held her there, keeping her from an orgasm. “Nooooo…please?” She begged with her eyes shut tight. Ichigo stopped touching himself when Nel and Grimm stopped moving.

“Sorry, baby,” Grimm said smugly. “You’ve been such a bad girl…There’s no way I can let you cum right now.”

“What did I do?” She asked as she tried to bounce on his hard cock.

“You teased Ichigo like a filthy little slut and I don’t think that was a nice thing to do, do you?”

Ichigo gulped as Nel’s smoldering eyes locked with his, “No,” She said breathily, “That wasn’t nice of me at all.” Never taking her eyes from Ichigo’s, Nel began rolling her nipples between her fingers, “Grimm-kitty…what should I do to make it up to him?”

“Well, Nel-chan, the only thing you can do to make it up to him. You’ll have to let him fuck you…hard.”

Ichigo’s eyes practically bugged out of his head, “Wha-What? Grimmjow, what the-“

Grimm ignored his outburst and kept talking to the naughty Neliel who has yet to take her eyes from Ichigo’s, “Now, we may have a problem, you see, because I don’t want to stop fucking you.” He placed a kiss to her jaw as he moved subtly within her and made her cry out, “You feel so good baby…so fuckin tight and hot on my cock. But, you can’t cum until Ichigo has fucked you…so what do you suggest, baby? How can we solve our little problem?”

Ichigo couldn’t believe his friends were doing and saying these things. As long as he’d known them, they had been together. Not once did they ever indicate that he might be welcome to join them…so he’d never even thought about it. Now, he couldn’t think about anything except that.

“Well,” Nel dipped angled her head away from Ichigo and stared at Grimm like she was a shy, young girl about to get punished. “I guess one option might for Ichigo to fuck me while I ride you…would that work?”

“Maybe, we’ll just have to see, won’t we?” He suddenly grabbed her and slammed her down again, “So, Ichigo, do you think you could help us out? If you don’t, both of us are gonna be really pissed off…”

Ichigo stood up and waded through the water. He stood uncertainly at their sides, not entirely sure if they were serious. Nel turned her pleading eyes to his, “Please, baby? I wanna cum so bad…”

It didn’t matter how much of this was pretend…the need in her eyes as she begged him was real and Nel’s need negated his shock. Ichigo’s shyness melted away as instinct and training kicked in. He stood directly behind her and spoke right next to her ear, “If you wanted to cum that bad, you wouldn’t have acted like such a fucking tease, Nel.”

Grimmjow smiled widely when he realized his friend was finally in the game. “That’s what I thought,” He nodded in agreement.

“I think,” Ichigo said as he ran his hands up and down her wet arms, “That you should apologize to Grimmjow…and to me.”

“O-Okay,” She said meekly.

“Grimm, why don’t you hop up on that ledge and let this little bitch suck your cock in apology?”

“Hmmm, sounds good to me, Kurosaki.” Grimmjow did as he suggested and Nel immediately slid her hungry mouth around his big, thick dick.

“Mmmmm…” Nel hummed in delight as she tasted his precum at the back of her throat. When she felt Ichigo’s hand start to rub her clit, she gasped at the pleasure.

“Is she doing a good job, Grimm?” Ichigo asked. Before Grimm could answer, Ichigo’s gripped her nipple painfully as he shoved two fingers roughly inside her begging pussy.

Grimm was leaned back on one hand, the other fisted in her hair as he forced her to take more of his large cock into her mouth. When she swallowed him into her throat, he groaned at how good it felt. She knew he was getting close and she tried to back away from his member, “Aaaahhhh…Fuuuuuuuck!” He yelled as he yanked her roughly forward and forced his cum down her throat. “That little bitch,” He panted, “Tried to get out of swallowing. I th-think she needs to be punished,” Grimm said as he sank back down into the hot water.

Ichigo immediately took his hands away from their pleasurable positions and Nel whimpered at the loss of contact and hid her grin, “I’m sorry…I’ll do better next time.”

“Damn right you will,” Ichigo said ominously as he pulled himself out of the water and sat in the same place his friend had been.

Nel stared in awe at him. “Damn, Ichigo,” She said, surprise making her drop her act momentarily. Grimmjow was large and, no question, he was fucking perfect but Ichigo was a little bigger…just shy of being scary big. How the hell did I get so lucky? She raised her wide eyes to his, “You and Grimm are way too similar…it’s fucking eerie.”

“That’s right, Nel, we are a lot alike. Now, if you’re a good girl, you might get to feel both of us inside you tonight.”

Nel practically melted at the thought. Yes, please.

He tenderly brushed the hair away from her face before gripping it harshly and guiding her mouth to his head. “Now suck it and if you do a good job, we’ll let you cum,”

Good little girl that she was, Nel did as she was told. Sooo fucking perfect.

As soon as she had Ichigo’s in her mouth, Grimmjow came up behind her and pulled her off of him with a ‘pop’.

“I think she likes that way too much, Ichi…we’re gonna have to think of something else.”

The two powerful males grinned wickedly at each other, “I agree.” Ichigo slid into the water and held his hand out to her. When Nel took it without hesitation, he pulled her flush against his chest. He looked into her beautiful, odd-colored eyes and felt swamped by tenderness.

This was his Neli…the woman who had been his best friend for the past year and a half. Even if she did seem to enjoy their rough treatment, he couldn’t fuck her like some whore off the street. She deserved better than that-they all did.

His grip on her arms immediately gentled as he whispered to them both, “No more games.” Nel cocked her head curiously at Ichigo and ran her hand down his beautiful jaw line. When he slowly lowered his lips to hers, it didn’t take long for her to grip his soft hair and pull him closer in an effort to deepen the kiss.

Ichigo never knew that kissing for someone you cared for could be so different than kissing some random bitch. Those other times felt like a violation…this felt good. Deciding that he’d teased her enough, Ichigo gave her what she wanted and licked her curious tongue before drawing it into his mouth and sucking just a bit. When she moaned and tried to get closer to him, Ichigo reached down, grabbed her legs, and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs gratefully around his waist and used her legs to grind her pussy against the hard muscles of his abdomen.

Grimmjow watched as Ichigo and Nel kissed passionately. He was a bit shocked by the abrupt change in pace and more than a little disturbed that it didn’t bother him. If that was any other fucker all over his woman, Grimm would’ve been covered in his blood already. But this wasn’t just anybody…this was Ichigo. His best friend. His only friend. The fact that he wasn’t jealous was a true testament to their relationship. Okay, maybe he could admit to being just a little when Nel was fucking ogling Ichigo’s cock…but that’s to be expected and he got the hell over it.

When Nel first got in the pool and straddled Grimm, he didn’t give much thought to Ichigo being right there. When he looked up and saw the look on the kid’s face, something inside him just said ‘go for it’, so he did. He whispered for Nel to look at her audience and then, when she was watching him, he asked her if she would want to fuck him, too. He wasn’t surprised that she wanted to. Hell, he’d had to have been blind not to see that she was attracted to Ichigo…Grimmjow hadn’t seen the woman that wasn’t attracted to this kid. What the hell was he…Catnip?

Watching them, Grimmjow felt a familiar thrill run through his veins. He’d done this before-many times-but he knew that Ichigo never had and he knew it was up to him to make everything go smoothly. He watched as Ichigo slid Nel down on his cock for the first time and felt his own twitch in response.

“Fuuuuck,” Ichigo gasped as he felt Nel’s heat surround him. His head was thrown to the side, eyes clenched shut as he gritted his teeth and fought for control. Damn, she feels sooo fucking good.

Nel threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as she was impaled by his length. Sooo deep…so damn hot. Nel wrapped her legs more tightly around him to bring him even closer. When he grasped her hips and started moving her up and down…she was lost.

As her mewls and soft cries of pleasure reached him, Ichigo pulled her face to his and kissed her. It wasn’t hard-more like tongues dancing together-and it was Nel’s turn to bring his tongue into her mouth. Ichigo groaned into her mouth before pulling away and trailing hot kisses down her jaw and to her neck before coming back to her lips and kissing her hard.

She was so distracted by Ichigo, that she didn’t notice Grimmjow coming up behind her until she felt another pair of lips on her neck. She gasped in surprise until her muddled brain figured out what was up, “Fuck yeeesss,” She said breathily as he bit her neck. She felt his erection pressing into her back-rubbing it as she bobbed up and down on Ichigo’s dick-and then he brought his arms around to play with her breasts. I fucking love you, Grimm.

Ichigo opened his eyes and saw that Grimm had joined the party. He kept his hands on her waist, sliding her on his hardness, but leaned back so that he could watch her more easily. He smiled as she reacted to Grimmjow’s teasing. When Grimm took one hand away from her breasts, he shot Ichigo a wicked look before trailing it down her body and disappearing under the water.

At his friend’s silent signal, Ichigo stopped moving Nel and instead, dropped his hand to her clit. Her smoky eyes shot to his and he smirked at her as he flicked it hard. She narrowed her eyes and sucked in a breath. She was so focused on him that she managed to forget about the gorgeous creature at her back…until he slipped his finger into her tight ass. Nel shot straight up in surprise for a brief moment.

Ichigo distracted her yet again as he angled his hips and hit her G-spot while rubbing her swollen clit. Nel cried out and, since Ichi was refusing to mover her, she started using her legs to move herself up and down his length. Grimm started working his finger in and out of her ass, in time with her movements, before he slid another finger inside her. Nel relished the feeling of having both of them in her at the same time, but she was nearing her limit. She had almost cum so many times, only to be denied by one or both of her boys and she wasn’t taking no for an answer this time, “Fuck me, Grimm…I wanna feel both of your hard fucking cocks inside of me when I cum…I don’t care if I’m not ready!” She cried out, frustration making her reckless.

When he removed his fingers, he moved his head to her entrance, “Ready baby?” He asked while he pushed inside. In spite of her brave words, Grimm didn’t want to really hurt Nel, so he took his time, only moving a little bit at a time. By the time he was fully inside her, he was panting with need. She was almost painfully tight and he could feel Ichigo moving at the same time. It was almost too much.

Ichigo had been with two women before-more than two actually-but he’d never been with a man and a woman at the same time. When Grimm moved inside of Nel, she screamed out in pleasure/pain, and Ichigo almost came. Everything got exponentially tighter and he could actually feel his best friend’s cock inside of Nel. He held himself back purely by the strength of his incredible restraint and decided that Grimm would have to be in charge here…he didn’t think he could move right now. Ichigo went back to caressing Nel’s throbbing clit as Grimmjow began moving inside of her.

Oh. My. Fucking. Fuck! Nel had never felt anything like this in her life! She was so, unbelievably full and she about died knowing that both of those gorgeous cocks were inside of her, fucking her…ruining her for other men. Fucking perfect.

She’d had ménage trois before, but never with two such well-endowed men and never with men whom she actually fucking loved. It was amazing. It was mind-blowing. It was perfect…and she was done. Nel screamed her release and rode it hard. She simply could not be still…she had to get as much of them as she could.

Ignoring her body’s hypersensitivity after her orgasm, Nel rolled her hips forward and latched onto Ichigo’s mouth. As Grimm pounded her from behind, it pushed Ichigo’s dick against her G-spot and she cried out again…When she looked down at her new, young lover, she didn’t know how much more of this she could take. He was sweating, obviously fighting his own orgasm, as Nel rocked into him yet again. She leaned down and licked the shell of his ear before whispering into it, “Just let go, baby…I wanna feel you cum inside of me.” When she latched onto his neck and sucked it hard, Ichigo moaned and came hard. Nel felt his hot semen rush into her and she came again. Knowing that both of them had gotten what they needed, Grimmjow pounded into her relentlessly until he too, reached completion.

The three of them were sitting lazily in the water, completely boneless from their exertions. Their eyes were closed, their appetites sated. Ichigo was nearly asleep when Nel spoke again, “Ya know, boys…A girl could certainly get used to this.”

Her two beautiful boys smiled at her…and the mother fucking angels sang again.

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